How To Travel Like A Pro?

Travelling is a dream that most people do not get to experience. But, if you are the lucky ones who get to travel, then you must do it right. People who do not travel the right way to convert this blessing to a nightmare. If you do not wish to be one of those people, then follow the tips below and travel like a pro.

Pro Tip No.1: Be on a lookout for package deals

If you are not looking for a specific hotel, a particular car or a specific flight, then it is best that you look for package deals. A lot of websites offer package deals in which you can save a lot on your flight, hotel room and rental car through the same deal. You can save a lot by purchasing these three things in one deal as compared to buying them separately.

Pro Tip No.2: Keep a check on your flight

You can skip waiting in a line or two by checking your flight online and receiving your boarding pass on your phone. Keep in mind that if you skip this step, then you might have to stand in lines for at least 30 minutes.

Pro Tip No.3: Pack your luggage like a pro

If you learn to pack your luggage according to the rules and regulations of the airport or airlines, then you are 80% a pro traveller. Use checklists to make sure that everything is in order. Pack your clothes by way of planned outfits. Pick a piece of clothing that you want to wear on the trip and add the matching items and build a complete outfit. Do not pack things that you think that you “might need.”

Pro Tip No.4: Be comfortable for the flight

It is very easy to point out a rookie traveller. They are the ones who dress up for their flight. Do not dress up for your flight unless you have to attend a meeting or an event as soon as you land. As a pro traveller, you should wear comfortable clothing. You should wear your favourite sweatpants, t-shirt or hoodie and wear the comfiest shoes you own.

Pro Tip No.5: Dress for the place you are landing

Another mistake that rookie travellers make is that they wear clothes that are suitable for their current weather and not according to their destination. So, make sure to check the weather forecast of your destination. Make sure to wear clothes that are suitable for both places. For instance, the place you live in is cold, and you are going to hotter place then wear summer clothes but layer up. A pair of sweatpants, t-shirt with a hoodie or jacket is the perfect outfit for a pro traveller.

Pro Tip No.6: Keep a water bottle with you

The security does not allow you to take liquids with you. So, keep an empty water bottle with you so that you can fill it up later when you pass the security.

Pro Tip No.7: Keep the airline’s number handy

In case, where your flight is delayed, you can directly call the airline. This helps in numerous ways. You can get rescheduled to another flight while the others are waiting for their turn to talk to someone at the airport.

Pro Tip No.8: Get the best hotspot package on your phone

Most hotels have terrible internet connections, and it takes a lifetime for a page to load. Other hotels who have exceptionally good internet connections charge a lot for it. So, keep your phone’s hotspot well maintained so that you do not have to deal with internet issues.

Pro Tip No.9: Always keep a portable charger

A portable charger or power bank will save your life in so many situations you can’t even fathom. There are so many places where you will not be able to connect your charger due to a different style of plug. In such situations, a power bank will come in handy. However, if you plan to stay for a more extended time period, then it is best that you get a charger that fits all plugs.

Pro Tip No.10: Visit the local tourism office

A local tourism office will tell you about everything that is happening in the town. You can know about any free activities, fun festivals, or anything that will make your trip special. They will also offer discounts on the best hotels and transport facilities. So, pay a visit to the local tourism office and save a lot of money.

Pro Tip No.11: Try to blend in to avoid conmen and thieves

There are thieves and conmen on the look of tourists so that they can scam them. Hence, your best bet is to blend in. Do not buy “money belts” to protect yourself from pickpockets. They know what money belts, and this will just attract them more.


Keep these tips in mind to travel like a pro and make travelling more manageable for you. Indeed, you will have a great time as you will be stressed about less stuff.

Written by Royston .F
I am Royston, Editor at EasyTraveling, My main perspective is to provide knowledge about the smallest and largest swings in the ongoing world.